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Our approach begins with an analysis of the Client's program requirements, the site, climatic conditions and the surrounding environment. This analysis is then combined with the technical and operational requirements of the Client's program to deliver a unique and exciting experience for the end user.



We firmly believe that the principles of planning can be universally applied to fit the needs of a community, or Client to enhance the quality of life, and the dignity of a people. Planning provides the ability to create environments that are appropriate to the culture of specific communities, and is a discovery process which combines the analysis of the existing site conditions with new ideas to create a unique sense of place.



By focusing on the character of place, and careful attention to the details, the Design and Client Teams can guarantee a special and unique design product. Architecture, Interior Design, Urban Design, Furniture Design, Graphics, and other design disciplines are all combined in this process as needed.


The design process at Architectural Design Ideas Limited is a comprehensive approach that questions the obvious, and avoids the conventional answer to search for the appropriate solutions and possibilities.
The creative search of each project is guided by exploring three basic questions:

1. Why?   - Purpose
2. What?  - Concept / Idea
3. How?   - Design and Documentation
The answers to the questions help to define each stage of the process, establishing a balance between creativity and management. This process is intended to deliver the maximum social, economic, and technical potential for Client requirements and resources. In Architecture, Planning, and Design we apply the lessons of creativity and practicality, learned in our life-long study of island heritage and traditions.


Each project responds to the Client's vision, discovering its own character, appropriate to the nature of the place and the conditions of the site. Design of the end product is determined by the history and culture of place, and the common sense application of appropriate methods and materials of construction.
There are no answers until the appropriate questions are asked. No particular discipline must necessarily lead the process, but all team members, including the client, have the opportunity to contribute to its succcessful conclusion.
We encourage involvement of the Client, as the end user, in the development of the Design Ideas and the execution of the project.




Architectural Design Ideas Limited prides itself in its design abilities and recognizes the unlimited creative potential of the Caribbean for its contribution to the built environment. Our inquiry and team approach to every project has proven to be successful for small or large commercial and residential developments.
Our firm integrates the needs and requirements of Clients and Consultants with the Guidelines and Regulations of the various Bahamian Government Authorities. This ability allows us to effectively and efficiently complete projects, and our relationships with multi-national design firms also allow us to execute projects on a larger scale.



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