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Carmichael Road West, Nassau, Bahamas



Construction of Superwash & Retail building to accommodate new Laundromat location and Retail spaces. The Laundromat and Retail spaces will be linked by a covered Porch around the Parking area for easy customer access that is protected from the weather elements.



Superwash Laundromat - 6,100 sq. ft.

Retail Space - 2,525 sq. ft.

Porch - 1,245 sq. ft.


Building Elevation - Carmichael Road
1-Progress photo-110219
2-Progress photo-110219
3-Progress photo-110219
4-Progress photo-110219
5-Progress photo-110219
6-Progress photo-110219
7-Progress photo-110219
8-Progress photo-110219
9-Progress photo-110219
10-Progress photo-110219
11-Progress photo-110219
12-Progress photo-110219
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